Magnetic Car Vent Mount

  • $9.99

This powerful magnetic phone mount easily slips into your car vents and provides a stable platform for mounting your smartphone, GPS or other devices to maximize convenience while driving.

Included are two thin metal plates which can be inserted into your phone case or adhere to the back of any device to stick to the mount.

Inside the magnetic base are 4 magnets, which are aligned precisely to maximize a unidirectional, short distance magnetic force. This is a closed magnetic field that effectively avoids any unnecessary interference with your smartphone and tablets.

Instructions on how to set up the Mount: 

  • Insert the mount onto the air vents in your car.
  • Place the magnetic metal plate in your phone case, or simply stick the round metal to the back of the device

Compatiblity: Universally compatible with any device or tablet between 2.5-7.9 inches

Included: 1 x Air Vent Mount, 1 x Square Metal Plate, 1 x Ring Metal Plate